Our Lady of Medjugorje

Queen of Peace

Saint James Church


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Medjugorje Silver Jubilee Anniversary Pilgrimage

18 June - 3 July 2006

 Visit to Shrine of the Queen of Peace, Medjugorje

Homeward bound…..

Saturday 1 July

Drama during the Rome departure. After boarding the plane, the captain advised a delay in take-off. After a one hour delay, the fully loaded plane started to take off when it suddenly braked and stopped in the middle of the runway. The plane sat there for another 5 hours waiting for various checks to be done: check out/fix an engine, refuel, etc.

Kathy gave a stewardess a blessed card of Our Lady to give to the captain and received a thank-you note after the plane took off.

When the plane eventually took off for Hong Kong, it was exactly 6:40pm - the time of Ivan’s apparition! Coincidence, or was Our Lady looking after everyone?

Sunday 2 July

While waiting at Hong Kong for our departure to New Zealand, 5 members of our group witnessed an  awesome  sun spectacle. Amazingly, we were able to look directly at the bright sun spectacle. It looked just like a pulsating, giant and whitish disc.

As this was our last stopover as a group before heading for New Zealand, this spectacle could be seen, for some of us, as a final blessing.

Monday 3 July

After an uneventful flight, we arrived safely in New Zealand.

Our small group had enjoyed and shared the wonderful intimacy of a never-to-be-forgotten pilgrimage.